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Use of the latest techniques to repair your feet

Get foot pain solutions with surgery

Committed to your comfort and satisfaction

 -  Bunions                                    

 -  Hammertoes                                            

 -  Heel spurs                                                      

 -  Displaced and non-displaced fractures        

 -  Tendon and ligament repair        

 -  Artificial joints                                

 -  Joint reconstruction          

 -  Joint implants              

Committed to your comfort, you'll find our office and professionals very welcoming and willing to help you with whatever you need. From advice on care, to offering you a variety of surgical options, you'll feel in control and confident in your treatment.


With you as the focus, rest assured we'll do our best to keep the pain at a minimum. You'll heal quickly and be back on your feet to daily routine including sports, or any of your other regular activities.

Treatments are both in office and outpatient using the latest devices for the best

results possible.


You'll be glad you chose our professional for your foot surgery. Call us today!



-  Nail repair

-  Nail removal

-  Ingrown nails

-  Deep wounds

-  Skin grafting

-  Arthritic joint repair and alignment

-  Permanent nail removal

-  Non-permanent nail removal

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