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Get a variety of orthopedic care at our office

Treat your feet so you can walk without pain

Walk in comfort

 -  Bone and joint deformities                            

 -  Fractures                                                                

 -  Sprains                                                                  

 -  Flat feet, pronation problems    

 -  Bunion and hammertoe deformities            

 -  Heel pain, heel spurs, and drop foot          

 -  Abnormal gait and limb length discrepancy  

 -  Gout                                        

Walking pain-free is something you may take for granted until you suffer an injury. Thankfully, our friendly and knowledgeable professionals are just a phone call away, and want to help your feet feel better.


Your feet and ankles are in the best hands! We are current on the latest treatments for the aforementioned conditions among others. Don't wait to get the help you need for your feet. All ages are welcome!

Not only will you receive the best care for your feet, but you'll be educated in injury prevention to keep

them healthy.


You'll appreciate receiving

care in a friendly and

comfortable office.



-  Plantar Fasciitis

-  Custom and non-custom orthotics

-  Plantar fasciitis straps

-  Fracture repairs

-  Night splints

-  Bone simulator

-  Bone infection treatment

-  Joint contractors