Escanaba, MI


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Let us treat your nail conditions with ease

Feel comfortable in sandals with

nail treatment

Most conditions are treated in our comfortable office

 -  Fungus nails                                

 -  Ingrown nails                              

 -  Lifted and loose nails              

 -  Nail infections                    

 -  Nail discoloration      

 -  Nail deformity                

 -  Injury repair

Relax knowing we have extensive knowledge when it comes to every nail condition. You'll get the appropriate treatment after diagnosis, so you can get your nails back to their healthiest condition possible.


Having served the Upper Peninsula area for 29 years, rest assured you're getting the best care possible for your nails. You'll be welcomed to our office, and offered comprehensive care that puts you in control of any nail problems.

Let our expertise work for you to not only provide relief from your nail issues, but give you confidence in the way they look.


Get an appointment that works with your busy schedule.



-  Ingrown nail procedures

-  Partial nail or toenail removal

-  Permanent nail removal

-  Non-permanent nail removal

-  Diabetic nail care

-  Fungus nail treatment