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Expert care for different foot injuries

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 -  Sports injuries

 -  Work injuries

 -  Foot and ankle fractures

 -  Tendon and ligament injuries

 -  Punctures

 -  Nail injuries

 -  Bruises and contusions

 -  Lacerations

 -  Achilles and growth plate injuries

When you visit our office that's been in operation for 29 years, you'll be greeted by Dr. Leveille and his friendly staff every time. Expect a full examination before treatment is discussed.


From compression wraps to strapping, braces, and casting, you'll be offered the best treatment to allow you to heal completely and quickly from your disability. Injuries can happen at any time; know that we are here to help you when they do.

Relax knowing we have the expertise to help you heal from injury. You'll be back to your normal routine in no time!


Call us to schedule an appointment and see our professionals for recovery.