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Be aware of diabetic foot problems and let us help

Quality and complete foot care for diabetics

Get routine foot evaluation

 -  Fungus nails                                    

 -  Oral supplements / injections for neuropathy

 -  Calluses, corns, and ulcers                                      

 -  Diabetic wounds and rashes                        

 -  Infections and sores                                    

 -  Burning and prickling sensations

 -  Ulcer care

 -  Circulation evaluation

 -  Neuropathy evaluation and testing

 -  Diabetic shoes

 -  Numbness                                      

 -  Fungus and ingrown nail care      

Since Diabetes causes many problems in your feet, it's essential that you see our professionals the moment you notice any issues. Your feet are the most common place for diabetic symptoms to begin showing.


With quick action, as well as a caring and expert team waiting to serve you, you'll keep your feet healthy at all times. You'll heal quickly after diagnosis and successful treatment. Let us work with your insurance, as most are accepted here.

Check out our Dr. Comfort shoes for diabetic footwear and reap the benefits! Let us help fit you with a pair.


You'll get the most knowledgeable diabetic foot care possible.



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